The "Clarity"

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Although I am a fairly new writer in this field – I am not new to its subject. What’s more, I consider myself a kind of evangelist; a popularizer of, ‘the Word‘. Not a new Word, for most people – that is, most everyone has heard of, or has read about this word, before. Nevertheless, I have found that, in all my years of experience talking with and questioning others – about their World, their place in it – and how it got to be that way. Few, really have any reasonable understanding of what this Word means – very, very few, so it has come to my attention…

Even worse – still, others think that they do have an understanding of the Word (e.g., Conspiracy Theorists), but in reality, clearly, they do not.

The Word?

Oh, yes – 



Look around you — right now. I challenge you – to find something in your world (outside of Nature, and natural objects), that is not a product of one, or more of the Sciences

Go ahead; I’ll wait….………

I know; you didn’t. It can’t be done.

If you think that you have found something which is not a product of a Science – well, you have your eyes closed. Familiar as we are with our environment and all of its accoutrements – very few of us can describe, say, just, how some object or other, came into existence.

Most people in American society, at least – are not, ‘scientifically-literate’, even though they enjoy, and, even demand the very latest, electronic digital products they require for a life-style that is satisfactory to them.

But, most have no understanding of the real-world, applied science that goes into the manufacturing of those products. They are taken for granted; in their minds, those products – simply, exist – and came from some warehouse, somewhere – “because, that’s the way it is!” 

I hope that you’ll find this collection of 230+ (as I am able to upload them), short, sweet – and sometimes – humorous, science essays – to be fun, and instructive “lessons”, as a friend has called them – and, an inspiration for you, to find out all that you can about your world, and the universe that we inhabit.


2 thoughts on “The "Clarity"

  1. Haha! Yes, I thought it would! Believe it or not, when I was a kid, Poindexter was my inspiration for getting into the sciences, particularly astronomy! It’s true! of course, my mother would have to point out any fallacies in the cartoon.
    Thanks to Doc Mahdlo and BWing for being my 3rd and 4th commentors!


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